PC Repair & Design

We can repair and speed up your current computer or build you a new top of the line computer to meet or surpass todays program and game standards.

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PC Upgrades & Builds

Increase your pcs processing power and speed using quality parts at minimal cost.

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Computer Running Slow?
We can fix your problems. We will clean up your opporating system to make it run faster. We can give you upgrade options using your current system or a new one.

Game not running the way you want it to? Let us look at your system and let's see what we can do so you can enjoy Battlefield 3 or Modern Warefare3 the way its meant to be.

How protected are you?
Antivirus? Firewall? Spyware Detection? We can help! Don't lose your plethera of family pictures due to a nasty computer virus or online hacker.

Let us help you BEFORE your computer has a major meltdown.

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